Selective Focus - Ice

Selective Focus

The essence of the selective focus technique is: we cannot see what we capture without looking through the view finder. What’s needed: a fairly long macro lens, a wide open aperture and a subject that is very close.

During the 2013 Toronto ice storm we had plenty of time to explore and try to think out of the box. The ice lasted for several days.

For this image I settled down in a small patch of grass and set up the tripod, attached the 100 macro and just looked around - through the viewfinder - at the ice-covered grasses. What I saw was pretty unusual. “The Unusual” is a powerful ingredient for great images. The image was also treated with a Fractalius digital filter dialed in at 25%. This helped to accentuate the alien appearance of this image.

We need more ice storms. They are more than worth the trouble.