Poison Wood

Poison Wood

In Andros, my guide warned me about Poison Wood.

Poison Wood trees seemed very common and during the week I was exploring the bush, I bumped into it numerous times with no ill effects. It is possible that the sap from this tree is worse than merely brushing into it, just like our Poison Ivy requires more than light touch to release its toxic resin.

This abstract pic is a sample of it. The bright leading line creates a trail through the image space with small interruptions that create a bit of tension, which I like. The eye has to jump little gaps. A leading line that is too perfect can be dull.

This image is a mix of original (95%) and a fractalius derivation (5%).

Canon EOS 5D, ISO 200, f32; 1/4 sec, Lens: EF100mm f/2.8L Macro, Tripod, Mirror locked up to prevent mirror shake at this slow shutter speed.