Fractal Design Namibia

Nature's Fractal Design

Although we are part of nature, mankind did not figure out Mother Nature’s mathematics until the last few decades. In nature there are few straight lines, few right angles and few even numbers.

Nature is very comfortable with the use of fractals. This image shows the fractal nature of clouds above the fractal nature of sand dunes. Humans have not understood fractals until about two human generations ago but we have always appreciated their beauty and design because fractal design has forever surrounded us everywhere we look, on earth and in the universe.

What are the ingredients in this image, besides the obvious complementary colours: blue and orange? May be it’s the soothing familiarity with nature’s design and its simplicity. It’s also why we enjoy the fractal nature of mountains and the ocean’s surf. It’s embedded in our double helix: our genes.

Sony ILCE-@7R M2 ISO 125, 1/50thsec, f 22. Lens: FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS