Acacia Tree Amid Dunes


Somebody once said: “Photography is hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror.”

Travelling Namibia is a lot like that. Driving for hours through a dry and desolate landscape and suddenly you slam on the brake because an ostrich ambles across the road in front of you. Or a giant African Elephant. Or the road makes a turn and suddenly it feels like you went through a wormhole and you’re on a different planet.

There is scenery here you couldn’t dream up. Especially at Namib Rand Nature Reserve.

Like this pic. The bright-orange lower horizontal strong line (rule of thirds!) splits in the middle and an acacia tree has settled in there. “Jason, stop!” (Jason is my guide). Camera in hand, I hop out of the car. Jason says: “Watch for snakes!” Sidewinders and adders alert.

Photographers arriving at Wolwedans feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. Without the help of any snake.