Moccasin Flower (cypripedium acaule)

Moccasin Flower

This handsome lady slipper is not rare in the forests around the Great Lakes. On my kayak trips to Georgian Bay which I try to plan in May, June or July, I see them in the forest regularly but usually they have already finished blooming.

They are early bloomers. They are typically closely guarded by clouds of black flies. This activity is for Real Canadians only (marginal for a Dutchman.) If you want comfort, this is the worst time to be in the bush. Bring your Muskol, (DEET) but keep it off the flowers and off your kids (risk of seizures and dizziness.)

Change lenses quickly. You don’t want a black fly inside your camera.

The shape of this orchid is perfect for my lighting approach. The directional backlight of the spotlight really puts a fire in their translucent bellies.

This pair was captured in the Bruce Peninsula.

This was the good old days: Mamiya RZ 67, Fujichrome RDP film, 127 mm lens with one extension tube.